Improving human performance on and off the road

Coach Adam at the Boston Marathon

Views and observations from a California expat endurance coach living in the Big Apple helping people and organisations to improve their performance.

What happens when you combine 20 years of athletic endurance performance coaching with another 14 years of helping organisations and their people to improve? You get a really clear understanding of how to lead, train, measure and nurture performance that results in measurable and sustained results. You also get this blog.

This blog is a compilation of not so deep thoughts mixed with a hint of irreverence, a dash of unnecessary sarcasm, an infrequent observation or two and just enough technical knowledge and experience to create opportunities to improve human performance. Because I’ve never been a fan of duplicating something that is already being done well, I’ll try to include insights and information that you might not find elsewhere. I’ll also try to include links to podcasts, blog posts and weblinks that I find to be particularly valuable to me and the people I have worked with over the years. Finding relevance to triathlon, running, endurance sports or just to your own life, I’ll leave to you.

If you want to learn more about Race with Purpose, which combines your commitment to your athletic performance with your commitment to improving your community, click here.

Special thanks, as always, goes to El Professor, Erich Hafenmaier who dedicates his free time to helping active schmoes like me to get up on the web.

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-Coach Adam

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