The 2013 version of the 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge begins on January 7th!!!


Lose 10 pounds in the first 10 weeks of 2013

First let me be the thousandth person to wish you a very Happy New Year; more importantly, let me wish you a Healthy New Year. And once again we’re committing ourselves to making a healthy new year a reality for ourselves and our friends and families. The 10 in 10 Challenge is here to help anyone who wants to “lose weight/get healthy and stop making excuses/start making progress” to do so. Nothing to buy, rent, borrow and no string s attached. It’s just about people helping people to achieve their goals.

Thanks to our friend Nigel Runner, who started this Challenge years ago, hundreds of people have started off each year on the right foot and with a good bit of excess baggage on the sidelines. Airlines aren’t the only ones charging for excess baggage these days. I’ve easily lost more than ten pounds in each of the past two Challenges so I personally know how valuable and easy this is.

The key to the success of the folks who participate in this challenge is in its community support. We’re all in this together and through Facebook we can support others and in doing so support ourselves.

The 10 in 10 Challenge begins on Monday January 7th, that’s when we’ll all do our first weigh-in, and that means that you can use this week to set yourself up for success beginning from day #1.

Each day this week, I’ll post a quick entry giving you something simple that you can do to start off 2013 and the 10 in 10 Challenge on the right foot.

What do I do today?

Today you only have to do two things, you have to commit to your goal of losing a few pounds and starting off the year by getting healthy, and you have to register for the Challenge. Don’t worry, it’s free, we don’t collect e-mails, there’s nothing nefarious about any of this – just a group of everyday people wanting to improve their lives by starting the year off adopting good habits while they have other friends there to support them doing it.

How do I register?

We use two FREE tools to administer the 10 in 10 2013 Challenge:


Go to and “Like” this page. Read through the ABOUT page and NOTES page. These will explain everything to you.

When you complete your weigh-ins, post your progress to the wall on this page on facebook so we can all celebrate your progress however small or large that might be! (Trust me, I had a few weeks last year when I gained, but still came out far ahead of my goal.)

Buckeye Outdoors:

Go to and create an account. It’s super quick and easy. Our NOTES page on facebook has all of the instructions.

Once registered, go to and join the “10 in 10 2013 Weight Loss Challenge″.

This is where we will record our actual weight loss. The Challenge is set up to begin on January 7th and last 10 weeks.

(You can check out the NOTES page on facebook page to see where we’ve already described how to do this.)

You won’t lose 10 pounds or become a healthier person just by registering, but you will have taken the first steps to making this commitment real. I promise you that if you do commit to this, and see it through, the benefits will last long after the ten weeks are over. The little secret is that while the first ten weeks will help you to lose a few extra holiday pounds, by doing so you will adopt better habits and behaviors that will give you more energy, better health and make you feel a whole lot better about what you can accomplish in 2012.

Say hi when yo get onto Buckeye or Twitter, will ya? You can find me as @CoachAdam on the latter. Happy New Year!

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