Hero, Villain or Man? Weighing the Deeds of Lance Armstrong

In August I blogged about Lance Armstrong after he “stopped his fight” against his accusers. Do you want to be right or do you want to do good? The Lance Armstrong saga finally comes to an end. But who really loses? Mistakenly and naively, I implied that the saga had come to an end. Obviously it hasn’t.

Friends have been debating the merits and demerits of Lance Armstrong with me on facebook and one person put it very succinctly by asking the question: “Is Lance a good person who did bad things, or a bad person who did good things?”

So I’ll leave it to you to weigh the scales of justice or as another intelligent friend of mine says, weigh a complicated situation. How many good things outweigh the bad? And if you are one of many who still admires Lance, what kind of deeds would have to have been in the bad column to tip the scales the other way?


The 10 in 10 Biggest Loser Commercial Challenge – (Routine #1)

Please consult with your doctor or health professional before beginning any exercise regiment. Adam Krajchir or Race with Purpose assume no liability for any injuries that you may incur due to trying these exercises or participating in this challenge.

While this is originally intended for those participating in the 2013 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge, we invite anyone to use this.

It blows me away when I ask folks what they typically do while watching The Biggest Loser and a good number of them answer by saying that they watch it while eating ice cream. WHAT? I totally get it but we all know that this may be the most self destructive thing we could possibly do, watching how we could improve our health and well being by actively sabotaging it. The irony is that it’s like golf, many people love to play it, love watching great golfers, but deep down they all know that they’ll never get any better.

So be the change you want to see in the world, right? Welcome to The Biggest Loser Commercial Challenge (apologies in advance as I’m sure I just broke a number of intellectual property rights and throw myself on the mercy of NBC and anyone else in the hopes that they will see this whole effort is supporting the values of the show and maybe even encouraging viewership.)

So how does it work? There are approximately six commercial breaks during the one hour show. During each commercial break, make best efforts to complete the prescribed workout. You won’t need any special equipment, just your body, a little bit of space and a determination to get your butt off of the couch to do this. I’ve provided links to each of the exercises from various online sources. Okay, here we go:

Commercial break #1 – Jump right in and lets start by completing as many rotations of the following circuit as possible:

Commercial break #2 -Max pushups

Do as many pushups as you can during this commercial break. If you get tired, drop down to your knees and continue. If you are too tired to do them on your knees then stand up and do them against a wall. Just keep moving and when you are tired, imagine Jillian standing over you yelling from an inch away from your face.

Commercial break #3 – Plank + chair dips

Hold your plank for as long as possible (at least 30 seconds) and then when you can’t hold it any longer, find a chair, couch or other similar item and do as many chair dips for your triceps as possible. Wash, rinse and repeat until the commercial is over. See if you can hold the plank for the entire break. (hands or elbows is optional)

Commercial break #4 – Max burpees

You knew they were going to be here somewhere, so suck it up and just get them done. Complete as many as you can during the commercial break. As an alternative, perform burpees without the hop if you get too tired or if you are watching in a room with a really low ceiling.

Commercial break #5 – Complete Abdominals

Commercial break #6 -Pushup/Sit-up Flipovers

Do as many and as quickly as possible of:

Do them rapidly and flip over quickly to do the next exercise. Wash, rinse and repeat.

Advanced: For those of you who are crazy advanced and want to do even more during the show, think about doing some or all of these exercises WHILE watching the show:

  • Wall sits
  • Crunches
  • Plank
  • High knees
  • Running in place
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump rope

Okay, that’s it for the first week of us doing this. Post how you are doing on our facebook page at 2013 10 in 10 Challenge. This will also help you record how many circuits you complete and allow you to see improvement next week.

That’s it. Have a great workout and enjoy the show!

Sometimes a mea culpa is not enough – Lane Kiffen’s statement to the USC Football Community

We’ve all made mistakes. Who hasn’t? When you do, it’s almost become expected that you will open the kimono and bare your soul to the stakeholders that matter in the “expectation” that they will forgive you and then all will be rosy again. Below is a statement by USC Football Head Coach, Lane Kiffen. The comments below show that sometimes just saying I’m sorry is not enough, especially when you’ve fallen short, not just on outcome performance but moral issues and integrity. My recommendation: if you are going to say “I’m sorry”, make sure you cover two critical imperatives:

1) know what you’re apologizing about, and

2) demonstrate that you are committed to addressing those issues.

If not, don’t even waste your breath saying those two words. Oh by the way, I apologize in advance for some of the language used in the comments included below. See, I covered the first imperative, but blew it already on the second.


“Believe me, I understand the pain, and what a loss means to the USC family. It looks like I don’t care, and I get that. But inside I’m suffering just like everyone else.”Lane Kiffin reflects on a season gone wrong: http://lat.ms/VD0Hvk“I also know I owe the USC family something better. And we can do that.”
"Believe me, I understand the pain, and what a loss means to the USC family. It looks like I don't care, and I get that. But inside I'm suffering just like everyone else."</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Lane Kiffin reflects on a season gone wrong: http://lat.ms/VD0Hvk</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>"I also know I owe the USC family something better. And we can do that."
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Your 2013 10 in 10 Challenge Starts Today, January 7, 2013!

Hello January 7, 2013! That date means we’ve officially started the 2013 10-in-10 Weight Loss Challenge. It’s weigh-in day. For best results, weigh yourself the same way each week, at the same time, on the same scale under the same circumstances. For example, make it the first thing that you do each Monday morning AFTER using the bathroom and BEFORE drinking any water, eating or working out. Note: please see below for instructions on how to ensure that your BuckeyeOutdoor Profile weight matches what you log into today’s (Jan 7th) cell.

Your decisions that got you here will not get you where you want to be on March 18th. Health and fitness is a choice. Today you start clean and have the opportunity to start making the right choices for you!

Quick reminder – remember to make sure in BuckeyeOutdoors that your PROFILE weight is the same as the weight you enter into your Training Log on January 7th. To check your profile weight, hover over MY ACCOUNT, click on PROFILE, then click on TRAINING LOG. Underneath that you’ll see MY WEIGHT. Make sure both weights match. That way everyone will start losing on the same day.

As always, if you have any questions, please check out the NOTES page on our 10 in 10 Challenge facebook page here.

The 2013 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge – Tip: Recording your progress using Joe’s Goals

A tremendous amount has been written about goal setting. So I thought I’d write a quick post about how to record them. To start, my experience has shown that weight loss success is more achievable if you follow K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid. Focus on three key areas that if addressed properly, consistently and for a sustained duration will all but guarantee your success.

  1. Reduce Caloric Intake/Improve Nutrition

  2. Increase Caloric Expenditure/Positive Stress

  3. Ensure Sufficient Rest and Recovery/Reduce Environmental Stress

To be clear. All three of these categories are like a three legged stool and if you lose any one of those legs, the stool falls down, as do you. Any of you that have been regularly working out but haven’t effectively addressed your nutrition, and haven’t seen the results you are looking for,  know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now this doesn’t complicate things, it actually makes things easier. Pick one to three daily process goals from each category, stick to them and you’ll be well on your way.

Tracking your goals: 99% of people who don’t succeed, don’t track the progress to their goals in a structured and disciplined manner. Those who do succeed, record their activities, and many go one step further by communicating these out publicly to those they can count on to support them.

Joe’s Goals: You don’t need anything more than a piece of paper to record how you’ve done but if you want to have an eay-to-use online tool to keep things organized, show your progress and to also remind you when you might lose your focus, you might try Joe’s Goals. Like most everything else I recommend, it’s a FREE online tool with no strings attached.  http://www.joesgoals.com

Here’s an example of how I use Joe’s Goals. Listed on the left are the daily process goals that I know if I adhere to, then I succeed.  The check marks for each day indicate if I accomplished my goal for that day. I’ve had the flu, so you can see that I haven’t been able to workout this week, but I have made progress in my nutritional goals. Feel free to borrow some or all of these or pick your own. The key is to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Do my goals in total address all three categories?
  2. When I do each of these every day, will I reach my goals?

Then it gets even simpler. Each day I start off my day reminding myself what I need to do, I do as many of these as possible, and then I mark each down with a check on Joe’s Goals.

It even gives me an easy to view way of seeing my progress over time and of course my objective is to keep that line as high as possible for as long as possible.

You’ve probably noticed that nowhere in here is anything that says “I want to lose 10 pounds by March 18, 2013″, which is my overall outcome goal. The reason is because my focus at a daily level isn’t on my weight, it’s on the activities that I know I need to do to affect my weight. if I’ve done this right, and I’ve selected and execute consistently on the right process goals that cover all three categories, then I succeed.

I do track my weekly weight but don’t get hung up on, or over concerned or excited about, individual weekly weight gained or lost. I’m interested in the trend and as long as I’m consistently making progress and sticking to my progress goals, I feel confident in my plan.

Note: Real life is a bit different from what you might see on television shows such as The Biggest Loser. The principles are the same but these people are doing nothing but spending every minute of every day focused on this. We live in the real world, so life can get in the way. All that means is that we give ourselves a break and take confidence in the fact that we have the right plan, we’re working that plan each and every day and we’re tracking that plan until we succeed.

This simple process and tools like Joe’s Goals will give you structure, focus and motivation. Hope it will help you as much as it has helped me.

The 2013 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge – Weekend Homework (Part 2) Go get/make healthy snacks

We’re almost ready to do our first weigh in! Now that you spent yesterday clearing out your refrigerator and cupboards of the crap in it, it’s time to continue our preparation week for the 2013 10 in 10 Challenge by filling up some of the empty shelf space with healthy snacks and ingredients, the types of the foods that result in increased energy and a healthier feeling you. There are a thousand references available to help you understand what you should eat, why you should eat it and what it will do for you. If you do this right, you will maximize the amount of weight you lose as well as maximize your body’s performance. To simplify and summarize all of this for you, here are six key things to remember:

  • Eat light and often
  • Shift to a nutrient-dense plant-based diet
  • Reduce the size of your portions
  • Increase the number of small meals throughout the day
  • Eat protein, PH balancing foods and low glycemic foods first
  • Don’t ignore your cravings

We’ll cover each of these in more detail in the weeks to come. To start, your objective should be to put energy producing foods into your system by eating light and often. This should be your mantra for the next ten weeks and beyond – light and often. By starting this today, you’ll get your body prepared and you’ll initiate the behaviors necessary for you to accomplish this one simple goal. From a physiological standpoint, you want to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels as constant as possible, avoiding any wild swings by either starving yourself or binging. If dripping nutrients into your system through an IV was practical, I’d recommend that, but since it isn’t, set yourself up for success by having light healthy snacks readily available for you. Put them where you will need them. Don’t give yourself any excuse not to eat them, in short time, you’ll grab them willingly but for now reduce any barriers to adopting that which might be a new behavior for you.

In my experience, there are two types of eaters, those who prepare foods and those who don’t. Being a road warrior, I’m clearly in the latter category. If you’ve never been a food preparer, and you have the urge, go for it. If you find it relaxing, you’ll get an added benefit. But if it gets in the way or creates anxiety for you, realize that there’s probably a reason why you haven’t done it to this point so during this transition period, start by changing what you eat rather than how you prepare it. Regardless if you are a food preparer or a food purchaser, to help you along, our good friend, accomplished triathlete and holistic nutritionist Christine Lynch has prepared a list of foods and ingredients based on the type of eater you are:

List #1 For the Food Preparers – Key Ingredients for Your Shopping List

  1. kale (or another leafy green veggie that you haven’t tried)
  2. quinoa
  3. acorn squash (or another root vegetable)
  4. lentils
  5. toasted sesame oil
  6. salmon
  7. coconut oil
  8. tempeh
  9. berries
  10. coconut oil

List #2 for the Food Purchasers – Healthy Snack Ideas (first identify whether you are craving crunchy, sweet, salty, or creamy)

  1. (crunchy) -  crunchy crudités of veggies and dip (hummus, tabouli, vinaigrette, favorite dressing)
  2. (crunchy) -  light popcorn or plain popcorn: use coconut oil to pop in a covered pan
  3. (sweet) - apples and almond butter
  4. (sweet) -  fruit “ice cream”: peel a banana, freeze, blend in a food processor with nuts, berries or raisins and serve; can be put through the screen of a juicer for a creamier consistency.
  5. (sweet) - organic dark chocolate chips or carob chips
  6. (salty) - salted edamame
  7. (salty) – olives, pickles
  8. (salty) -  tabouli, hummus
  9. (creamy) – mashed sweet potato
  10. (creamy) – avocado

Snacks are usually between 100-150 calories max and you want to eat them approximately every three hours. Never let yourself go longer than four hours without eating.

If you want personal advice or help setting up your own nutritional plan, reach out to Christine directly. You can find her blog and contact information at http://guru.mc3digital.com/.

Remember, that today is about filling your refrigerator and your spirit as you continue to prepare not only for the beginning of your 10 in 10 Challenge journey but for the rest of your healthy life. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have some fun with it. One thing you might also do is “Like” #i8this on facebook. It’s a fun place where people just like you post photos and comments about what new foods they are trying and their reactions to them. Essentially it’s a place that encourages you to “Play with your Food”.

Happy snacking!

The 2013 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge – Your Weekend Homework (Part 1)


On Monday, January 7th we do our first weigh-in to start our 2013 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge. Still wondering what this is all about? Read this here.

Before we kick this off, let’s make sure our environment is conducive to giving us the greatest opportunity for success!

With the holidays behind us, undoubtedly there are Sees Candy boxes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate covered raisins and gift baskets filled with a variety of sweets laying around your home. Today is the day to THROW THE CRAP OUT!

WARNING: This does not imply that you should get rid of all of the sweets and treats in your house by eating them all before Monday morning! Yes, I know at least a few of you were thinking about doing this.

Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, your heart will thank you and at the end of the ten week challenge, you will thank you for setting yourself up for success. Go through your refrigerator and cupboards, and pull out anything that isn’t “healthy”. Look for hidden gems. For me, it’s chocolate. Anything chocolate has to go. I’ve learned this from experience that there are some people that can do things in moderation and there are others who are straight up sugar addicts – I’m the latter. Every small piece of chocolate I don’t eat is hundreds of calories that won’t wind up as fat around my midsection. Think about that. I didn’t do anything to lower my caloric ingestion except get rid of the temptation that can cause it. How easy is that?

For everything there is a time and as “Uncle Bob” would say “Time’s up!” when it comes to the crap lying around your home. Think of it like the common ceremony of supporting your child as he or she throws their binky into a fire signifying that they are no longer a baby. It’s pretty much the same. For some of you, this will be tough to do, and I can only tell you that simply by doing this one act (and of course by not refilling the coffers with crap) you will avoid putting on 7-15 pounds of fat next year. That’s just grazing fat because the stuff is there.

So enjoy your weekend, grab a trash bag and strip your kitchen and your life of anything that is unnecessary and bad for you. This blog takes no responsibility for you throwing out your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend during this process.

Obesity is The Government’s Business

I use running to check out or check in. I use it to become absent or to become present. I listen to my shoes crunching through the snow, to my favorite tunes or just to the world around me. Running, for me has become the only time when I can break away from the direct work responsibilities to expand my mind. To do this, I often listen to podcasts of a variety of types. This past Saturday while running in Mill Creek Park, I found myself listening to a local Youngstown NPR channel and to a rebroadcast of a February 2012 debate from Intelligence Squared US entitled Obesity Is The Government’s Business.

Granted by listening to this while running and while listening to National Public Radio, I’m already self selecting into a specific stereotype, and when I heard this was a debate, I initially reacted by thinking, “What is there to debate about?”. 78 million adults and 12 million children are obese. We spend more than $150 billion (with a B) addressing chronic and largely preventable illnesses, brought about from poor lifestyle choices and personal decisions. Of course our government has a role in solving this problem.

The panel for this debate was impressive with Dr. David Satcher, former Surgeon General and Dr. Pamela Peeke, WebMD’s Lifestyle Expert representing the Affirmative, and John Stossel, FOX Business News Anchor and Paul Compos, author of The Obesity Myth opposing government’s involvement.

The main point of Drs. Satcher and Peeke are that government has a role in providing an environment where everyone can participate in healthy and active lifestyle choices regardless of socioeconomic status – access to sidewalks, parks, foods, etc.  Those opposed to the motion argued that this was largely about awareness and anyone can watch Richard Simmons or P90X commercials and know that being overweight or obese is not a desirable trait in our culture and that the problem with government being involved is largely that 1) government has a lousy track record of making a difference in people’s behaviors, 2) that schools are having enough problem teaching reading and writing without asking them to teach nutrition, and 3) we are a free society and government shouldn’t be involved in the individual decisions of its citizens. They also put forth a few specious arguments such as the proposition that there is no evidence that obesity is unhealthy or responsible for rising heath care costs.

I was disappointed that there were a number of important positions that went unexplored in this debate including the fact that government is already involved directly in obesity when they subsidize commercially available packaged foods and factory farming of foods that contribute to this issue in turn making whole real foods more expensive and less accessible by comparison. They also did not fully explore the fact that rising healthcare costs are largely contributing to one of the most significant national defense issues of our time by throwing us deeper and deeper into debt. They also did not explore the fact that healthy people subsidize the poor decisions and bad behaviors of those who just don’t care or who selfishly have decided that somehow they are entitled to these as rights under our constitution. Why should my tax dollars go to support their bad decisions and how is that not a government issue?

What actually amazed me most of all is that the team opposed to obesity being government’s business actually won the debate. I’m not sure how to interpret this with so many facts and the preponderance of evidence weighing in favor of what many would see as common sense. Listening to this on the heels of the Newtown slaughter also reminded me that there are a lot of Americans who simply are willing to sacrifice a whole lot of lives to protect what they see as their individual freedoms and liberties. Similar to the debate on gun control, those opposed to government’s involvement really didn’t provide any alternative recommendations on how to actually solve the problem, only that whichever path is chosen, government should not be involved. Now I’m Jewish and my mother was first generation born in the United States and I grew up ever wary of fascist overzealous controlling governments that strip away the freedoms of its citizens in order to promote a particular point of view. So am I just naive? Am I ignorant? Must we always and forever assume that representatives of a duly elected government will always be looking for ways to harm its citizens? I’m not sure I buy it. I guess I believe that liberties and a government that actively helps its citizens can responsibly coexist.

In any case, do listen to the debate here: Obesity is The Government’s Business. It’s definitely worth your time while commuting or working out. It provides a good summary of the facts surrounding this extremely important issue in our country. Its an issue that won’t be solved any time soon, but must be solved to avoid a tremendous amount of suffering in the future. Interested in your opinion.





The 2013 version of the 10 in 10 Weight Loss Challenge begins on January 7th!!!


Lose 10 pounds in the first 10 weeks of 2013

First let me be the thousandth person to wish you a very Happy New Year; more importantly, let me wish you a Healthy New Year. And once again we’re committing ourselves to making a healthy new year a reality for ourselves and our friends and families. The 10 in 10 Challenge is here to help anyone who wants to “lose weight/get healthy and stop making excuses/start making progress” to do so. Nothing to buy, rent, borrow and no string s attached. It’s just about people helping people to achieve their goals.

Thanks to our friend Nigel Runner, who started this Challenge years ago, hundreds of people have started off each year on the right foot and with a good bit of excess baggage on the sidelines. Airlines aren’t the only ones charging for excess baggage these days. I’ve easily lost more than ten pounds in each of the past two Challenges so I personally know how valuable and easy this is.

The key to the success of the folks who participate in this challenge is in its community support. We’re all in this together and through Facebook we can support others and in doing so support ourselves.

The 10 in 10 Challenge begins on Monday January 7th, that’s when we’ll all do our first weigh-in, and that means that you can use this week to set yourself up for success beginning from day #1.

Each day this week, I’ll post a quick entry giving you something simple that you can do to start off 2013 and the 10 in 10 Challenge on the right foot.

What do I do today?

Today you only have to do two things, you have to commit to your goal of losing a few pounds and starting off the year by getting healthy, and you have to register for the Challenge. Don’t worry, it’s free, we don’t collect e-mails, there’s nothing nefarious about any of this – just a group of everyday people wanting to improve their lives by starting the year off adopting good habits while they have other friends there to support them doing it.

How do I register?

We use two FREE tools to administer the 10 in 10 2013 Challenge:


Go to https://www.facebook.com/10in10Challenge and “Like” this page. Read through the ABOUT page and NOTES page. These will explain everything to you.

When you complete your weigh-ins, post your progress to the wall on this page on facebook so we can all celebrate your progress however small or large that might be! (Trust me, I had a few weeks last year when I gained, but still came out far ahead of my goal.)

Buckeye Outdoors:

Go to http://buckeyeoutdoors.com and create an account. It’s super quick and easy. Our NOTES page on facebook has all of the instructions.

Once registered, go to http://buckeyeoutdoors.com/training/challenges and join the “10 in 10 2013 Weight Loss Challenge″.

This is where we will record our actual weight loss. The Challenge is set up to begin on January 7th and last 10 weeks.

(You can check out the NOTES page on facebook page to see where we’ve already described how to do this.)

You won’t lose 10 pounds or become a healthier person just by registering, but you will have taken the first steps to making this commitment real. I promise you that if you do commit to this, and see it through, the benefits will last long after the ten weeks are over. The little secret is that while the first ten weeks will help you to lose a few extra holiday pounds, by doing so you will adopt better habits and behaviors that will give you more energy, better health and make you feel a whole lot better about what you can accomplish in 2012.

Say hi when yo get onto Buckeye or Twitter, will ya? You can find me as @CoachAdam on the latter. Happy New Year!