Put hands to purpose – My 2012 race schedule

With March upon us, we see the beginnings of Spring outside our window in the form of snow here in Northeast Ohio. As we close out a winter as confusing in its uncommonly warm weather as it was in the consistent set of injuries that beset me, the worst of which began at the end of last year with my surgery.

But one cannot waste time idly worrying about what may or may not befall him. So I set path on what may be and return to what I know best, training and racing in an effort to heal and improve my body, my spirits and my mind. Below is my race schedule for 2012. It shows a return to experiences that challenge me even now as I still struggle with physical challenges, all self imposed or a result of uncommonly bad luck.

That said, I am excited to get back at it and approach these challenges with great, if not anxiety-filled, enthusiasm. Included in this year are a half marathon, a team relay, a 24-hour run, a 385-mile ride, a Half Iron Triathlon and finally a full marathon. All in all, I set to purpose within the belief and foundation of what it means to Race with Purpose, both in terms of the physical challenges as well as in the belief that one can only be ones best when they are willing to sacrifice for something larger than oneself..

The Los Angeles Marathon I run with our great friend Rick on behalf of Noah’s Wish, an amazing charitable organization that sets in own purpose to save the lives of animals during and after disasters. They do this by acting swiftly and by training ordinary people like you and me to effectively do so as well. If you are interested in knowing more, go to their website. They have trainings coming up in Indiana on June 9th and in Malibu on June 16th and 17th.

The Ragnar Relay is always one of my favorites as it places 8-12 people in vans for 30 hours and then asks them to take breaks to run a marathon each broken up into 4 pieces. This year we will be running as The Cupcaped Crusaders honoring the sponsorship of the amazing Cupcapes of Falmouth, the location which is also at an historic nexus of running lore, including being at the end of the Cape Cod Marathon and near the bus pick up for the Falmouth Road Race. If you find yourself in the area for any of these races, do stop in and say hello to friends and teammates Tammy and Sean when you do.

Relay for Life and the Pan Ohio Hope Ride will challenge me beyond reasonable expectations on behalf of those who we have lost to cancer. I plan on getting back to my roots with at least a 12-hour run and a 385-mile ride here in Ohio. If nothing else, I’ll have burned a bunch of calories in the process. Setting these two goals makes the focus on my weight that much more real because I’ll need to be as light as possible going into these two challenges.

The Rev3 Cedar Point Half Ironman pulls everything together in what should be a reasonable challenge by September, followed 20 days later with the Akron Marathon, the first marathon I will have run in years, far too long.

Assuming I survive all of this, and it is ambitious, I should find myself back where I was at the end of 2006, and that would be a really nice place to be physically. This weekend puts together the task of developing the plan that, all things willing, will allow me to get there. The plan is what makes it possible and the execution of that plan makes it real. I am lucky to have great friends participate with me along this journey. Feel free to join me as well.