The Thalians 55th Gala at The Playboy Mansion Raised $1 Million and Entertained All

It’s always the plan but not always the result that supporting a great cause actually is combined with a great event. Saturday night’s Thalians Gala at The Playboy Mansion delivered on both raising appx. $1 Million for The Thalians and Operation Mend by having the right location, the right cause, the right atmosphere, the right honoree (Hugh Hefner as Mr. Wonderful) and the right entertainment program. The night was balanced with just the right amount of fund raising combined with entertainment that included performances by comedians Felipe Esparza, Jeffrey Ross and Rich Little, and a ridiculous, “Please let Them Play All Night” performances by energetic and contagious musicians and singers Joy Enriquez, Christopher and Kyle Massey, Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch, Mark McGrath, Steve Stevens, Franky Perez, Grant Fitzpatrick and a sensational closing number by Taylor Dane and Camp Freddy. The only thing that stopped the event was The Playboy Mansion turning the power off – Hef does need his beauty rest after all.

Most importantly, as an upbeat and humorous US Marine Corporal Aaron Mankin – who has undergone more than 60 operations to repair his face and body from burns incurred when an IED exploded in his vehicle killing 7 of his troops – stated, it allowed a bunch of US Marines to come to spend a few hours at an open bar, and gave us all a sobering reminder of the sacrifices that our service men and women make each and every day to protect our freedoms. The only thing that would have made it better is if President Obama’s message about the demise of Osama bin Laden had been received that evening in front of all of those that had invested so much to make that happen.

Now that would have been a once in a lifetime experience.You owe it to yourself to learn about this great organization and this great cause by watching this short video on Operation Mend

As it was, it was a tremendous evening put on by a great team led by event chairs Bob and Kira Lorsch and Thalians Board Chair and Force of Nature, Ruta Lee.

Here’s a little snippet of the event through our eyes from start to finish. It even includes your own private tour through The Playboy Mansion.

The evening ended as perfectly as it started, at The Rainbow Bar and Grill with good friends and family, midget wrestlers, a cat wearing magician and an amazing pizza. Just another Saturday night in La La Land.