Living the Dancers' Life – Lord Help Me

It’s Easter weekend, and at Maison Henry here in Scarsdale, NY that mean invasion of the dancers. For a few years now, Cindy’s cousin, Kim Jones has been bringing some of her best competition dancers to NYC as a special treat for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Kim owns and operated Jones Academy, a cool W-hotel meets The Dome dance studio just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. Now understand that for years Kim has not only been Cindy’s cousin but her partner in crime, living with us in Los Angeles, when Kim was breaking into dance and being featured on such memorable shows as Sisqo’s Shakedown on MTV (You remember that thong th thong thong thong song), or traveling with us to Paris and London or goodness knows where else.

Kim Jones, Sherpa Extodinaire at the Los Angeles Marathon Here’s Kim at the Los Angeles Marathon a few years back. Oh yeah and Kim and Cindy have their own favorite game, “Louis travels the world”, referring to their matching Louis Vuitton and complementary bags. They were way ahead of their time and ahead of the Traveling Gnome. Here’s a photo of Louis looking out from the observation deck on the Eiffel Tower:

Louis does the Eiffel Tower

and Louis running the Paris Marathon

Louis runs the Paris Marathon

And of course, who can forget, Louis goes home to the Mother Ship, the Louis Vuitton store in Paris:

Louis Goes Home

Some of Kim’s dancers have now graduated and moved on and yes, say it isn’t so, moved out of Ohio and come to the big bad city of New York to find fame and fortune. Hannah Gosset is one such dancer who now calls Astoria, Queens as her home. Here’s a video of Hannah doing what she does best and it’s also an illustration of essentially what’s going on in this house this weekend.

Yes, in year’s past, these lovely ladies have been witnessed by the neighbors up at 1:30am dancing on tables in my living room to lovely music like Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry (now a staple in my Adult Spin class). These young ladies truly do dance to the beat of a different drum, but how can you blame them, they wake up at the crack of noon, roll out of bed, head out to six hours of back to back dance classes and then stay up until they simply pass out from exhaustion, all to start all over again tomorrow. I guess aside from the waking up at the crack of noon, it really isn’t that much different than the life of a triathlete.

Now older and much wiser, and to maintain some degree of sanity, Coach Adam used this past weekend to get out of the house and back into training of his own. Friday, I took the afternoon off and went cycling with a few friends from the Westchester Cycle Club. We put in about 55 miles in crazy windy conditions up into Greenwich, CT. It reminded me of cycling on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, where riding a bike at a steep side angle to the wind is considered normal as is the fear that at any moment, the gust will be blocked by a bus or building and you’ll fall down. Great fun! Yesterday, I continued my return to training with a 40-mile ride followed by a 3-mile run up in Millwood and then jammed back to Scarsdale to teach an Angry Irish Interval cycling class followed by my regular Core and Functional Strength class at the JCC of Mid Westchester. Five full hours of training, the most I’ve done since December. I wasn’t sure how I would feel back to back because I’m still worked from being so ill. Simply put, I feel like a baby. I know what I want to do, and how to do it but I simply don’t have the aerobic capacity or strength to pull it off just yet. So for the moment, Coach Adam is back to being a “B” level cyclist and runner. But, it’s a heck of a lot better than where I was at the beginning of March when I couldn’t finish a six-mile run without having to walk.

More to come on all of these antics including a review of the new TacBoy ‘N Bigun triathlon Podcast. Now that The Wire is no longer available, we’ll all have to watch/listen to something and these two might be just the ticket.

A stroll down memory trail – RwP Rockafella Run

Thanks to Spiderman Eugene for filming this at the beginning of last season. No animals were harmed in the making of this video, however many of the cows are nowhere to be found. Grrrrrr